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Indonesia Rank 134 in Shared Economy Index Timbro


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July 26, 2018 - JAKARTA, Indonesia ranked 134 in the economic sharing index issued by Timbro. Countries in the top ten reminders include Iceland, Turks and Caicos Islands, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Croatia, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Aruba and Ireland.

Ranking 134, Indonesia lags behind some other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore in Singapore, 65, Malaysia ranked 69th, Thailand ranked 89th, Cambodia ranked 114th and Vietnam ranked 116. In total there are 213 countries in this index.

Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) researcher Imelda Freddy said Indonesia actually has the potential to develop a shared economy. Indonesia has a large population and is expected to benefit from demographic bonuses in 2030. The abundance of the productive age population is expected to move the nation's economy as a whole.

In general, sharing economy can be interpreted as an economic concept that prioritizes the efficiency of resources by doing things together. By utilizing existing resources through a system or application, some parties work together using the principle of independence and welfare.

One of the indicators of this economic model, continued Imelda, is the use of technology or digital media with a network that aims to develop business, so actually Indonesia has the potential to further implement the sharing economy. This potential can be seen with Indonesia as the fourth country with the largest number of facebook users in the world.

This indicates that the use of Internet technology users in Indonesia is very much. Indonesia itself already has some business with a model like this is Gojek or Tokopedia which has the purpose of development and sustainability of the community's economy.

 "Indonesia needs to improve many things if the economy-based economy-sharing is growing and bringing prosperity to the community. For example, about the quality of human resources and also the improvement of infrastructure, especially internet throughout the country. This is important so that activities based on sharing economy can reach to remote areas, "said Imelda.

The abundance of the productive age population must also be followed by the quality of its resources. In relation to the ongoing 4.0 industry, Indonesian workers must have competencies and competencies. Meanwhile, because sharing economy applied to many applications based on online, the Internet infrastructure is evenly and integrated. Not to mention related legal umbrella for business within the framework of sharing economy.

Timbro researcher Alexander Funcke said Timbro's share economy index is the first global index of the economy economy. Generally, countries with advanced Internet infrastructure, have a large tourism potential and grow rapidly economically has the potential for a large sharing economy.

"Look at Iceland. As Iceland's economy recovers from the financial crisis, the country sees potentials in the field of tourism. Sharing economy is growing rapidly to meet demand, "explains Alexander.

Timbro is a think tank founded in 1978. The largest Think tank in the Scandinavian Region has a mission to advocate for corporate freedom, individual freedom and open society. Each year Timbro publishes two indices in English, the Timbro Authoritarian Populist Index that maps the rise of populist parties in Europe and in 2018, the Sharing Economy Timbro Index.

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