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[Newsletter] - Join the CIPS Briefing on Economic Stimulus Packages in Indonesia!

Dear reader,

We had interesting conversations in our first COVID-19 briefing and were encouraged to continue the discussion. There are just so many policy challenges. The CIPS team studies them and prepares policy briefs and recommendations.

Join us in our Weekly COVID Briefing (in English) on Tuesday, 5 May, at

8 am EDT - Washington DC

1 pm - London

7 pm - Jakarta

10 pm - Canberra

Topics of discussion:

  • The Indonesian government is implementing a 3-tiered set of stimulus packages. What are the measures taken in healthcare, social assistance and enterprise support and what else is done to mitigate the effects of the crisis?

  • In order to raise sufficient funds for these measures, the government abandoned its policy of keeping the fiscal deficit at 3%. Where are these funds coming from and what does it mean for the financial stability of the country?

  • The Indonesian food production is centered in certain parts of the country. Logistical challenges are being exacerbated by local government lockdown policies. How to ensure stable food distribution? CIPS is preparing a policy brief with several recommendations.

We want to share our insights and we are interested to know your professional perspectives. Do join us in the discussion, which will be held in English. Please register latest Monday, 4 May 2020.

Stay healthy and hope to have you with us next Tuesday!

Salam hangat, Rainer Heufers Executive Director Center for Indonesian Policy Studies

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