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[Newsletter] Join the Weekly Briefing on Covid-19 in Indonesia

Dear readers,

Muslims all over the world are going to celebrate the Eid ul Fitr fest when the holy fasting month of Ramadan will come to an end. CIPS will take a 7-day break but before that, we are going to conduct one more Covid-19 briefing on Tuesday, 19 May. Of course, you are warmly invited!

Last week we talked about how marginalized people and people with low-incomes are coping with the crisis. We also spoke about policy challenges in education. Other important topics will follow next Tuesday.

Please join us in our Weekly COVID Briefing (in English) at:

9 pm EDT, 18 May - Washington DC

8 am WIB, 19 May - Jakarta

11 am, 19 May - Canberra

We plan to look at the following:

  • People are losing jobs because businesses cut down on human resources or they go out of business. Human resource managers are being tested on their skills of supporting corporate survival while ensuring fair and legal treatment of staff. We will share their situation and perspectives.

  • The government is already planning on how to reopen the economy. Leaders are worried about the economic effects of the crisis but many argue this may come too soon. CIPS suggests investment policy reforms to speed up the recovery. The current complexities of the regulatory framework need to be reduced. An expansion of these complexities may be caused by the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation and needs to be prevented. We will share our recommended action.

Every week we see more participation and engagement in our briefings. Contributions came from government representatives, corporate leaders, business chambers, embassies, and journalists. We hope you will also be able to join our one-hour discussion, which will be held in English. Please register here the latest Monday, 18 May 2020.

We look forward to having you with us on Tuesday!

Salam hangat,

Rainer Heufers

Executive Director

Center for Indonesian Policy Studies

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